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(Français) Module Carrousel Vertical pour PrestaShop

(Français) Avec le module Carrousel Vertical de SoluNeXT pour PrestaShop, ajoutez à votre boutique le plus modulable et attractif des carrousels verticaux. Simple à installer, Souple à configurer, Complètement customisable, il sera votre meilleur allié pour mettre en avant vos produits.

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AB Testing Module for Prestashop

SoluNeXT AB Testing Module for Prestashop is a module to display your shop with different themes simply by specifying the theme to use in the URL or by propabilities displaying. You are developping or buying a development for theme(s) ? Our A/B testing module allows you to propose several variants team, customers or visitors thus improving […]

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AGTI is a Computing Society of Services from Lille (France-North) covering 4 areas: medical, time management, security, and application development related to PLCs sold. AGTI having neither the knowledge nor the time internally to develop a new website presenting its benefits, services and news, SoluNeXT was selected to design a clear and simple new website. […]

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